Thurrock Independents Commits To Better Politics For All

Thurrock Independents are laying down the gauntlet to the Tories and Labour Party. However this is a gauntlet that represents respect, debate, and consensus building for the sake of Thurrock. A new, kinder politics if you like. 

Thurrock Independents Group Leader, Cllr Graham Snell said: “Thurrock Independents hope that the Conservatives and Labour share our rejection the old politics of pettiness, confrontation and conflict. The newly formed Thurrock Independents will bring upbeat, optimistic and positive politics to Thurrock. We will concentrate upon expressing our concerns about the problems this community faces and offer the solutions we believe will be successful.  

“A basic understanding of the electoral balance in Thurrock tells us that the chance of one single party having an overall majority in May 2018 is incredibly remote. After the dust is settled, we will respect, debate and attempt to reach a consensus with both Labour and the Tories for the sake of the residents of Thurrock.  The people of Thurrock must always come before bitter political rivalry.

“Recent elections have seen some real low points in the conduct from all parties.  However last year’s general election demonstrated significant improvements. Let all involved commit to building upon this improvement. Let this election be about ideas and policies not badges and personalities.

“Thurrock independents hope that Labour and the Tories can both publicly commit to making this a local election about ideas and policies not personal attacks; debate not scare tactics. The Thurrock Independents are proud to publicly make this commitment.

“Let us make the local elections of 2018 a benchmark for how local politics can be conducted. Let all sides commit to a promise of working together after the elections in a responsible way. Conduct that prioritises the needs of Thurrock not narrow party interests. Let us make sure that we always put people first, politics second.”