Thurrock Independents Call For Thurrock’s Own Hospital

Thurrock Independents Group Leader and Health Spokesman said: “The Labour Party are campaigning to maintain the status quo at Orsett Hospital. The Tories want to close Orsett Hospital and move to new Hubs. Last night at Full Council I confirmed that Thurrock Independents will fight for a new hospital in Thurrock, on top of the new health hubs so that we have a modern and effective health service fit for the needs of our borough.

“It is difficult not to agree with Jackie Doyle-Price when she says that Orsett Hospital is out-dated and in the wrong place and it is surely right to look for 21st Century solutions to 21st Century problems. Moving services into new Integrated Medical Centres is a sensible step; after all, the results of the consultation carried out for the ‘For Thurrock, In Thurrock’ initiative in 2016 revealed that people do want their health provision to be located closer to them.

“However, our nearest major Hospital (Basildon) is already close to being over-stretched and it remains uncertain whether the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership project will make much of a difference. Combine that with the predicted population boom that will happen once tens of thousands of new homes are built in Thurrock and we will have, in my opinion, a clear need for a new Hospital here. I appreciate that NHS budgets are tight but I do fear that, if we fail to start planning for a new Hospital now, we will be storing up a whole world of expensive problems for the future.”