Putting Health And The Environment First

Protecting the health of residents and protecting the environment within Thurrock are core beliefs of the Thurrock Independents.   We believe that the borough faces a future health and environmental crisis if emergency action does not commence immediately.  Let us be in no doubt, people are dying whilst others are living lives plagued by chronic illnesses as a direct result of the existing environmental problems in Thurrock.

Thurrock Independents Group Leader, Cllr Graham Snell said: “If we are elected to run Thurrock Council in May 2018 our first act will be to convene an emergency health and environmental summit to identify how we can take immediate action to tackle this most pressing of concerns.  The summit will investigate, analyse and invite expert opinion to find solutions that will allow us to act efficiently and effectively.

“The summit will look at a range of topics from air pollution, poor housing, education, animal welfare, to living standards.  We hope that other parties will cooperate with us in this most vital of endeavours.  Thurrock Independents will always put our resident’s health first and politics second in our mission to improve Thurrock for all.

“We will increase the decision making role of the environment department across the council.  We will relentlessly seek to find practical, affordable and actionable policies, without increasing the cost of living for residents, that will improve health and protect our environment.

“If you share our belief that action is required now, before it is too late then please support us.  If you want change, vote for it. Vote Thurrock Independents. Help us in improving Thurrock for all.”