Thurrock Independents Call For Council To Investigate Bringing £600m Worth Of Contracts Back In-House

Thurrock Independents believe that the Council needs to look very closely at its policy of outsourcing the provision of council services to private companies. The borough’s long-standing issues with repairs and social care are well documented. Recently the collapse of Carillion highlighted the dangers of over-reliance on outsourcing. Thurrock Council recently announced it was engaged in around 370 such contracts which have a value of almost £600 million. With several huge contracts up for renewal over the next few years Thurrock Independents believe that the time has come to analyse every single outsourced contract to see whether bringing services back under the control of the council will provide better value-for-money and a higher quality of provision for residents.

Cllr Tim Aker said: “For years we have seen numerous examples of companies, which put profit before the needs of our residents, delivering poor quality results to the borough. Thurrock Independents are committed to putting people before profit and improving Thurrock for all.

“I will be presenting a motion at the next full council which calls for the council to put the option of bringing many services back under the full control of the council firmly back on the agenda. If financially viable I believe this to not only be an option that would greatly improve the quality of services. It would also bring incredible training, apprenticeship and employment opportunities for people in borough. It’s about time Thurrock Council put the people of Thurrock first and stopped feeding the profits of private companies who have no incentive to provide services above the minimum standard they can get away with.

“We must look to see how we can change and improve the tendering and contract process so that we encourage as many local businesses to engage as possible rather than simply giving all the big deals to big businesses outside of Thurrock. We have seen other Councils across the UK do this and it is about time we put Thurrock first when it comes to deciding multi-million pound contracts. The more we can work with small businesses and employ local people, the more Thurrock thrives and everyone living here benefits.”