Thurrock Homes For Thurrock Residents

Thurrock Independents is proud to make a commitment to ensuring that all existing planning and localism act legislation is utilised to put Thurrock residents first in line for all new housing built within the borough. This practice is commonplace within other boroughs around the country and Thurrock residents deserve that the same priority is shown to them. Cllr Luke Spillman, Thurrock Independents Housing Spokesman, will be presenting a motion to full council on the 28th February, calling for the Thurrock Council to make this commitment to the people of Thurrock. 

Thurrock Independents Housing Spokesman, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “Thurrock residents can be assured the Thurrock Independents will give short shrift to any future housing developments which do not give Thurrock residents priority and first refusal. All rented property within developments should, and any council owned Thurrock Regeneration Ltd developments must, be affordable and accessible to all Thurrock residents. Thurrock Independents are not and will never be in the business of meeting the housing needs of other boroughs.  Whether it be Thurrock Regeneration Ltd, the local plan or private developments, our approach will be steadfast and uncompromising.  We will always insist that the housing needs of the people of Thurrock must come first. Thurrock Independents are committed to improving Thurrock for all Thurrock residents.”