Thurrock Conservative/Labour Stitch Up

This evening we have seen a repeat of the 2016 Full Council Meeting where a dirty backroom deal between Thurrock Conservatives and Thurrock Labour has been made to split the Chairs of Overview and Scrutiny, the Committees, and Mayoral positions.

Thurrock Independents Spokesman said: “Tonight just proves what people have always known, both parties are in it together. Vote Tory get Labour, Vote Labour get Tory.

“The Labour Party could have taken the lead and try to run the Council but would rather be opposition. Instead of taking responsibility, they chose to do a dirty backroom deal. The Tories can’t believe their luck.

“Big politics has ganged up to stamp on the local Thurrock Independents. While we are passionate about helping the local community, the other parties are only interested in their own self interests.”