Thurrock Independents Set Out Our Six Tests For The Local Plan

On the 25th July the next stage of the local plan will go before Full Council. The Conservative Council have insisted that the local plan will allocate sites for 32,000 homes to be built in Thurrock. Thurrock Independents will not agree to any plan that doesn’t commit to safeguarding the interests of Thurrock residents.

Thurrock Independents Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said; “Throughout the decade I have worked as a legal caseworker in Thurrock, housing availability and cost has been the most regular issue residents have sort assistance with. My party and I make this simple commitment, we will not sell Thurrock residents down the river by agreeing to a local plan designed to meet the housing needs of London rather than those of the residents of Thurrock. We will insist upon an ambitious local plan that meets this borough’s housing needs in the short/medium term. For too long, Thurrock Council has followed the easy path of least resistance rather than policies that meet the needs of Thurrock. Thurrock Independents will never settle for anything but the best for Thurrock.

“To support any local plan, Thurrock Independents insist that the following six tests need to be met by the Conservative Administration running Thurrock Council. We have entered a motion to June’s full council to secure these commitments.”

The Number Of Homes

Thurrock has been asked to commit to many more homes than other areas in the Essex.  We expect the council to negotiate with the Government to attempt to reduce the figure substantially below the current 32,000. Councils across the country have already secured massive reductions so far.

The Type Of Homes That Will Be Built

Thurrock Independents will not agree to any local plan that doesn’t commit to ensuring that at least 25% of all homes built within the local plan are either low cost, housing association or council homes.  These must be allocated through the housing register.  We will insist that 66% of these units are be delivered within five years of the local plan being finalised.

Protecting Against Urban Sprawl

Thurrock Independents will oppose any local plan that does not include the commitment to protect the character of all existing settlements within Thurrock from urban sprawl.

Thurrock Regeneration Limited

Thurrock Independents insist that Thurrock Regeneration Limited will explore the feasibility of building as many homes within the local plan as possible. This would ensure that as much of the revenue from developments as possible is reinvested within Thurrock.

Using Economies Of Scale To Ensure That New Homes Are Environmentally Friendly And Include New Infrastructure

Thurrock Independents will insist that 75% of all new homes agreed in the local plan are within a new garden village settlement, built to the highest environmental standards, alongside all required infrastructure. People are fed up with seeing homes springing up across the borough with no extra school, GP, hospital, public transport etc provisions. Thurrock Independents will not agree to any local plan that does not enshrine a commitment to infrastructure first.

Building On Brown Field

Thurrock Independents will not endorse any local plan that doesn’t include all viable brownfield sites before any further green spaces outside of the new garden village settlement.