Thurrock Council Claim Fly-Tipping Success

At Last nights (Tuesday 5th June) Corporate Overview & Scrutiny Committee the Council presented their Key Performance Indicator (KPI’s) figures, they showed that ‘No of incidents of Fly tipping reported’ had gone down drastically from 2896 in 2016/2017 to 1829 in 2017/2018.

Deputy Chairman for Corporate O&S, Thurrock Independents Cllr Jack Duffin said: “While the Local Government Association is reporting a massive increase in the numbers of fly-tips being reported to Councils across the UK we have seen Thurrock Council’s numbers collapse by an incredibly 37% over the last year.

“I fear these figures don’t show the true scale of the issue, it could be a change in the way they record ‘reports’ or people have given up reporting the issue to Thurrock Council as they don’t see anything done about it.

“Despite the numbers of fly-tips going down I see residents and Councillors talking about the amount of fly-tips across Thurrock more than ever before and as I travel across the borough I have seen more fly-tips over the last year than in previous years.

“I fear the figures might have been caused by residents giving up on the Council and believing they don’t take fly-tipping seriously. In the same way many residents now don’t report crime to police as they feel nothing is done, is the same being seen for fly-tips?

“Thurrock Council needs to step up its action on fly-tips and take tougher action on those that treat Thurrock like a dump. If we take the hardest possible action against those dumping we can help reduce the amount of fly-tips across the borough.

“Moving forward the Council has now agreed to include their response to fly-tips in future Key Performance Indicators, so that residents will be able to see how quickly they respond to fly-tips across the borough and clean them up.”