Tim Aker Writes To Liam Fox To Encourage Worldwide Trade Into Thurrock Post Brexit – Nothing To Fear From A No Deal

Thurrock Independents Cllr and EFDD MEP, Tim Aker has written to Dr Liam Fox MP the Secretary of State for International Trade to encourage him to maximise the use of London Gateway super-port post Brexit and grasp the opportunity it presents.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “Brexit creates a fantastic opportunity for the UK to fully engage again with the entire world and build our own trade agreements with whoever we want rather than having to follow the wishes of the European Union. We have the capacity to do it. We just need the will to do it.

“On top of the EU goods, we can start diversify our imports from around the world, not only French lamb but New Zealand lamb too, Australian sparkling wine as well as Champagne, Japanese automotive parts alongside German ones too.

“The more use the UK can get out of the London Gateway and the other ports in Thurrock, then more jobs will be created in the local area. This means everyone can benefit from Brexit.”