Thurrock Independents Welcome Tories U-Turn on Illegal Traveller Incursions

This week Thurrock Council has attempted to get new powers to deal with Traveller incursions in Thurrock despite the Conservative Administration trying to stop them two years ago. In September 2016 Cllr Tim Aker put forward a motion and a vote was taken on ‘Thurrock Council calls on the Government to make unauthorised traveller pitches a criminal offence’, Tory Councillors refused to support this motion. Cllr Gledhill said ‘that powers were in place’. Cllr Piccolo said, there ‘was not a national appetite for revised legislation’. Council Leader, Rob Gledhill has shown he is soft on the issue of traveller incursions, telling the Thurrock Gazette in 2016, ‘I don’t think criminalising someone’s way of life is the best way to go about it.’

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “It is great to see the Conservative Administration finally come around to common sense and attempt to get new powers to deal with the ever increasing problem with illegal traveller incursion in Thurrock. While this is a positive step, the Government needs to take action to give the police and Councils powers to act.”

“It is a shame we have seen two years of inaction from the Thurrock’s Tories. This failure has cost Thurrock Council thousands of pounds. While the Tories were asleep at the wheel Thurrock’s tax payers were left to pick up the tab for the clean up bill.”