Thurrock Independents Continue Calls For Sprinklers Action In Thurrock Flats

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “Like everybody who saw the news of this fire break it was hard not to fear the worst after Grenfell. Whilst it is a great relief to see that no one was hurt, we must now learn from what happened, and make sure that those affected are adequately housed immediately. This incident should be at the top of the agenda for tonight’s Full Council and the next Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

“During the July 2017 Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee, I questioned the Thurrock Council on whether they were considering fitting sprinkler systems to all tower blocks in Thurrock. ‘The Assistant Director of Housing explained they had not received any details at present however such funds would be ring fenced.’

“Since the July 2107 meeting the London Fire Commissioner, Royal Institute of British Architects and a London Assembly report have all recommended that all new and existing tower blocks are fitted with sprinklers. Given these recommendations, Thurrock Independents strongly urge Thurrock Council to consider the installation of sprinkler systems in all of Thurrock’s existing tower blocks.

“Today I have requested an item of urgent business for Full Council to discuss this issue tonight.”