Council Sanctions Councillor For Exposing Service Failures

Thurrock Independents have expressed their outrage at the Thurrock Council’s decision to trawl through the emails of Councillors in an apparent attempt to prevent service failures from being exposed.

A Thurrock Independents Spokesman said: “The public should be very concerned that Thurrock Council have searched through the emails of Councillors, in a seeming attempt to prevent failed services being exposed.

“Thurrock Council are now taking disciplinary action against a Thurrock Independents Councillor. Our Councillor passed an email, sent to all Councillors by a senior officer, to a local newspaper. The email, which was not marked as confidential, contained the council’s response to concerns about grass maintenance across the borough. It was clearly in the public interest for this information to be shared. No instruction that it couldn’t be shared was given.

“This is a worrying step from a council now primarily concerned with reputation management above service quality and improvement. Thurrock Independent Councillors were elected to hold Thurrock Council to account. We are not here to provide cover for, and protect the reputation of, a failing council. We will not tolerate our Councillors being bullied or harassed for exposing service failures.”