Thurrock Independents Slam Thurrock Labour’s, Great Orsett Hospital Betrayal, And Their Decision To Prop Up The Conservative Council

Thurrock Independents are shocked and disappointed with the letter we received from Thurrock Labour today. We challenged Labour to step up to the plate and prove that they were willing to take responsibility for the Orsett Hospital promises they had made during the local elections to residents.

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spllman said: “I, like any sensible observer of the closure process, understand that it is essential that we have a Council which opposes the closure, rather than a Council which supports the closure. It is a matter of great sadness to me, to see Thurrock Labour’s great Orsett Hospital betrayal fully exposed.

“In the local election Thurrock Labour stated that residents should vote for Labour ‘if (they) want a Council that will stand up for Orsett Hospital’ and told voters that the election ‘could decide the fate of Orsett Hospital’. Today’s response from Thurrock Labour demonstrates, beyond doubt, how despicably shallow these words were.

“Cllr Gerrish can attend as many rallies with Jeremy Corbyn and write as many articles as he likes, but he knows Orsett Hospital’s main hope lays in securing a pro-Orsett Hospital position within Thurrock Council. When the moment to take responsibility, for the action required to start the fightback, came, Thurrock Labour were found wanting. When asked to produce a plan to save Orsett Hospital, Thurrock Labour have been unable to produce one. Instead that have betrayed the promises that they made to the electorate and chosen to hide behind pitiful procedural excuses.

“I am aware that there is much unhappiness among Labour members and supporters. They are probably as saddened as I am. I therefore call today to those Labour Councillors, who do have the stomach to take this fight on, to contact me as a matter of urgency and agree to add their names to a motion of no confidence co-signed with the Thurrock Independents.

“I can give this cast iron guarantee. I will give total and unwavering support to any Thurrock Council action to oppose the closure of Orsett Hospital. If only we had a Thurrock Labour leadership who had the stomach to take on this fight. Instead we have a Labour Group who are content to prop up this awful Conservative administration off the back of the grubby backroom deal they did with the Tories in May.

“We are happy to work with any Councillor who wants to sit down and discuss the route moving forward with saving Orsett Hospital. However Thurrock residents should be aware that this was our best chance to save Orsett Hospital and Thurrock Labour blew it.”