Thurrock Tories’ Guarantees Over Orsett Hospital Have Disappeared

Thurrock Independents are deeply concerned that the decision to close Orsett Hospital was not based upon any clinical need. Furthermore, the report breaches promises, assurances and guarantees made by the Thurrock Tory Cabinet Member for Health that all services from Orsett would be retained within Thurrock.

The report states that Orsett Hospital will remain open until the services are moved to new locations, but those new locations are not guaranteed to be in Thurrock:

15.1 Approve the relocation of services currently provided at Orsett Hospital to a range of locations within Thurrock, Basildon and Brentwood, enabling the closure of Orsett Hospital.

15.5 Note that, in accordance with the agreement between Thurrock CCG, Thurrock Council and the three mid and south Essex hospitals, the Orsett Hospital site will not be closed until the new services are in place at the agreed new locations. 

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “The report leaves concerns that services will be lost beyond dispute. If Orsett Hospital closes then vital health services will be lost to this borough. Thurrock Independents will fight this decision and continue to highlight the breach of trust that led to the decision.

“The Tory Administration have serious questions to answer. Throughout the process we have been promised there are guarantees that all services would be retained in Thurrock. This is not the case in the official paperwork. The residents of Thurrock deserve an explanation from the Cabinet Member for Health on who has dropped the ball on this issue. Why has this guarantee disappeared?”

Link to official report