Thurrock Independents Demand Tories Return £35,500 In Property Company Donations

The Thurrock Independents are demanding that Thurrock Conservatvies immediately return the £35,500 they have received in donations from building/property related firms since 2015. A failure to do so will shatter public confidence in the delivery of any Conservative Local Plan, which seeks to force 32,000 homes upon Thurrock.

Thurrock Independents Spokesman said: “This shocking conflict of interest, right at the very heart of the administration, leaves the Tories appearing entirely compromised. A Local Plan must be have the confidence of local residents. However, how can any resident have the confidence that the Conservative administration at Thurrock Council will prioritise the needs of residents above the interests of builders and developments? If the Conservatvies want to be a trusted custodian of the Local Plan then they must, return this money, and agree not to take any future donations from property related companies.

“Tonight the Thurrock Independents will be voting against the Local Plan. We simply do not believe that this catastrophic Conservative Local Plan serves the best interests of Thurrock residents.

“On the 11th July we asked the Conservative Administration to make the following public commitment that the Local Plan would put the environment and local people first.”

Proposed statement: ‘We are committed to using all powers and resources available to Thurrock Council to review and reduce the number of homes that Thurrock are required to provide in our Local Plan, in order to minimise the impact to residents within the borough. Thurrock Council understands that the addition of 32,000 homes in our borough could have a potentially devastating effect on the environment, particularly in terms of air pollution. While Thurrock Council understands the importance of increasing jobs and prosperity in Thurrock, our primary focus will always be the quality of life for all residents of Thurrock. Thurrock Council will not produce a local plan which fundamentally alters the character of existing settlements, threatens the health and well-being of Thurrock’s residents, and places unfeasible strains on our public services. Thurrock’s local plan will be designed to improve the lives, health and economic prospects of Thurrock residents and not to simply meet the housing needs of London Boroughs.’

Thurrock Independents Spokesman added: “Sadly the Conservatives haven’t even bothered to respond. It’s quire clear that the Conservatives are content to let property developers concrete over our borough. They appear to have no concern for the environment or the the health and well-being of the people of Thurrock.”