Thurrock Independents Response To Tory ‘Self-Sustainability’ Claims

Thurrock Independents Deputy Leader, Cllr Jack Duffin said: “It is disappointing that the Conservative Administration take so much pride in increasing Council Tax by 10% over the last two years. I wouldn’t call that self-sufficiency, I would call that building on the backs of the poorest.

“The Tories should be apologising to local people for having failed to make a single long term investment since they came to power in 2016. Rather than build a portfolio that could create £40m a year profit for the Council they have priorities tax rises and then brag about them in the Council chamber. Thurrock Independents would make sure we build a sustainable long term investment strategy that the other parties have failed to do. Many Council’s around the UK are years ahead of us and it is time Thurrock moved with the times.

“You also have to ask where this money has gone? We have seen them give large pay increases to senior managers at the Council. I’m sure residents would much rather have seen their Council Tax cut instead. If elected Thurrock Independents will guarantee a 10% General Fund Council Tax cut over the next 5 years before then looking long term to continue reducing it. There are much better ways to generate revenue without taking it from residents pockets.”