Council Blacklist The Thurrock Independent Newspaper

The Thurrock Independents are incredibly concerned about Thurrock Council’s decision to blacklist the Thurrock Independent Newspaper.

Thurrock Independent Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman, said: “This is a deeply worrying step by Thurrock Council’s minority Tory administration. An administration that continues to show breathtaking arrogance and contempt for democratic scrutiny. Now we see the Tories banning newspapers! Someone needs to remind them that this is Thurrock not North Korea.

“This step was taken without consulting the majority of Councillors, who have not been given any details on the reasons for this decision. I have contacted senior management and am yet to receive a reply. In the absence of any information, as to the reasoning for this decision, it is impossible to see this as anything else other than an entirely unacceptable attack on the freedom of the press.

“Whether it be Orsett Hospital, 32,000 extra homes, huge Council Tax rises or now banning newspapers, it is clear that if they aren’t removed quickly the Tory administration with do irreparable damage to Thurrock’s Health, Environment, Economy and Democracy.”