Yet Another Tory Housing Failure!

The Thurrock Independents are extremely saddened to report that Thurrock Council are now housing homeless families permanently outside of the borough.

Thurrock Independent Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman, commented: “It has been confirmed to me, at a senior level, that Thurrock Council’s homeless team are now actively housing homeless families in permanent housing outside of the borough.

“I have been a vocal critic of the department for many years. However, in this instance, I am truly saddened to report that it appears that they are doing so out of necessity rather than choice.

“The housing market is now so broken in Thurrock that private sector property rents are often 50% higher than most homeless families can afford to pay. Our available stock of social housing is not remotely adequate to meet the needs of Thurrock.

“Not a single council or housing association property has been built in Thurrock under this Conservative administration. They haven’t made a single concrete commitment or plan to do so. This Conservative administration has gone missing in regard to housing. They have fundamentally failed the people of Thurrock.

“Thurrock needs an administration which believes in building low cost homes which the people of Thurrock can afford to live in. Only by removing this failing Conservative administration, whose only interest appears to be meeting the housing needs of London, can we start to fight back against Thurrock’s housing crisis.

“Tragically, Thurrock Council itself appears to be in perpetual state of crisis at the moment.”