Thurrock Independents Slam Labour’s Decision To Sabotage Pro-Orsett Hospital Coalition

Thurrock Labour made a public and private commitment to work with us, and the new Orsett Hospital Action Group, to save Orsett Hospital. We are therefore disappointed to discover Thurrock Labour, sabotaging these efforts by, continuing to mislead voters in their literature about our position on the Hospital.

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “On the 13th July 2018 I met with the Thurrock Labour Leader and agreed to work together, with the newly formed community action group, to try to save Orsett Hospital. Yet within just one month, Thurrock Labour have breached that agreement.

“I’ve only been involved in politics for a brief while. One of the most frustrating aspects of politics is having to work with politicians. Politicians who effortlessly make face-to-face commitments in meetings, only to do the polar opposite once the meeting is over. Politics truly is unlike any other work environment I have ever or will ever experience.

“Thurrock Labour made election promises to save Orsett Hospital without any plan in place to do so. They then refused to work with us to install a pro-Orsett Hospital administration at Thurrock Council. Instead they chose to continue to prop up the Tory administration. An administration only in place as a result of the support of Thurrock Labour. This latest betrayal of trust is an insult, not only to us, but also to the many people who are willing to pull together to save Orsett Hospital.

“The health of Thurrock residents is not a game to be played with to get a few votes. Thurrock deserves so much better than this. Only rock solid collective action from Thurrock’s residents has a chance to save the hospital. It’s truly saddening to see Thurrock Labour actively sabotaging these efforts.”