Thurrock Independents Question Conservative-run Thurrock Council Relationship With Investors And Property Developers

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman, said: “Just when you think the ‘council in crisis’ reputation of Conservative run Thurrock Council can’t get any worse they manage to do themselves more self-harm.

“Many people are questioning why Thurrock’s Conservative groups are receiving thousands of pounds from property firms. Given this, it probably wasn’t the best idea to arrange a lavish event for investors and property developers and not invite opposition group leaders nor a single member of the press.

“It raises further serious concerns regarding the apparent conflict of interest within the Conservative administration. How are residents meant to trust the Tories, who are trying to impose 32,000 extra homes upon Thurrock, with such question marks over the Tory administration?

“Residents need ask whether the Tory local plan is being designed for the benefit of Thurrock or the benefit of big business?”