Thurrock Independents Call For Greater Police Presence In Tilbury And The Rest Of Thurrock

Thurrock Independents Chairman, Allen Mayes said: “Crime In Thurrock is on the rise despite the raise in the Police fund section of our council tax this year. We were promised an additional 150 police officers in Essex and yet there doesn’t appear to be any more of a police presence than last year. Crime is rising and people genuinely do not feel safe any more in their town. In Tilbury this week, we had a shooting and the police reaction is to setup a mobile police station whilst an actual police station sits idle. The police station in Tilbury should be reopened as it should never have been allowed to close in the first place. However opening up a police station on its own does nothing, we need more officers to be visible making residents feel safe. I call on the police and crime commissioner to detail his specific plans for Thurrock as crime is spiralling in our borough”