Thurrock Independents Comment on Southend STP Referral

Thurrock Independents Deputy Leader, Cllr Jack Duffin said: “We are the only party in Thurrock that has been campaigning for a new hospital in Thurrock with full A&E facilities. The Medical Centres are a welcome addition to Thurrock’s lacking medical services but they need to be alongside a full hospital.

“If the Tories want force 32,000 homes upon Thurrock, increasing the population of the borough by 100,000 people, then the Government must put forward plans for a new hospital to meet this demand. Residents need to ask why Thurrock’s Tories aren’t demanding a new hospital for Thurrock.

“Hopefully the Government will now see that these proposals are not in the best interests off local residents and are just a purely money saving exercise. Unfortunately I fear referring Tory health plans to a Tory Health Minister will do little to change their cuts to Thurrock health services.”