Tory Council Blocks Motion Demanding Truly Independent Investigation Into Child’s Services

Thurrock Council have blocked a Thurrock Independent motion calling for a transparent and truly independent wide ranging investigation into children’s services and social services.

Thurrock Independents Spokesman said: “It has been confirmed to us that the council will not allow this motion on any terms.

“It has been abundantly clear to all that the Conservative Administration at Thurrock Council have done everything they can, at every turn, to downplay the seriousness of this case.

“Instead, it has been left to the press and opposition groups to fight for improvement within the service.

“Cllr Luke Spillman, has reported serious and documented concerns about the Children’s Services department in recent months. He has personally witnessed incidents where he believes that negligence by the department has put children at risk of serious harm.

“The Thurrock Independent Newspaper has fought a tireless and commendable campaign. The Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee has been forced to resign in protest, claiming that officers are refusing to comply with the democratic scrutiny.

“Now we see a hushed and rushed investigation has been set up, by Tories and officers in panic mode. Let us reassure Thurrock residents, we will not allow these problems to be brushed under the carpet. The department and Conservative portfolio holder will be held fully accountable for their actions.”