Thurrock Independent Leader Calls For A Bit Of Calm After Unsavoury Chamber Behaviour From Tory Councillor

Despite a denial from Cllr Churchman it was confirmed after the meeting that several Cllrs from all three parties had heard him swear at the Thurrock Independent Group Leader.

Responding to an enquiry on the incident, Thurrock Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman, said: “If true, it’s not nice being sworn at by Tory colleagues in the chamber, however people have said worst things to me in the past and probably will in future. I won’t be taking the matter further.

“I’m not quite sure what got into Cllr Churchman last night. We’ve known each other for years and have never even had a cross word before. I’d hope that Cllr Gledhill has a word with him about his conduct and tells him to calm down a bit in the future.

“My main concern is the lack of meaningful business being brought to chamber. Full Council should be a place where members, representing residents in their wards, debate and make decisions on the big issues facing the borough. We haven’t had a substantive vote brought to chamber since February 2018.”