Thurrock Independents Challenge Tories To Rule Out Further General Fund Council Tax Rises In 2019

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “It would be churlish and mean spirited of me not to congratulate Cllr Hebb on last night’s award. I am sure that he will dedicate it to the hard working tax payers of Thurrock who have paid his 10% council tax rise and allowed him to balance the books.

“However enough is enough. The Thurrock Independents will make sure that Thurrock taxpayers will not be milked by the Tories again in 2019.

“The Tories need to understand that we will vote against any increase in General Fund Council Tax in next year’s budget setting meeting. We challenge the Tories to categorically rule out any such rises.

“In February 2018 the Tories backed our motion to increase the Council’s long term investment portfolio with the ambition to reduce General Fund Council Tax. In February 2019 we will hold the Tories to account on this commitment.”