Thurrock Independents Highlight Further Tory ‘Social Cleansing’ Of Families Seeking Housing Assistance In Thurrock

The Thurrock Independents have exposed further evidence of the Tory administration attempting to force more low paid homeless families out of the borough. Social cleansing is now the primary policy of the homeless department within Thurrock’s Tory run Council.

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “In the last two weeks I have come across two incidents of Thurrock Council attempting force hard working families, who have become victims of Thurrock’s housing crisis, into temporary accommodation in Slough. One of the families was also pressured into accepting temporary accommodation in Bedford and Kettering.

“The tactics in both cases are the same. Both families were offered entirely unsuitable accommodation which would have forced them to give up work and remove their children from school. Threats were then made that the council would remove any assistance if these offers weren’t accepted. Thankfully, we have discovered these tactics at an early stage and have applied significant pressure with the aim ending this entirely unethical practice immediately.

“Thurrock needs an administration which is willing to shine a light on the full scale of the housing crisis we are experiencing in Thurrock and hold the government to account for eight years of woefully ineffective housing policy. An administration which will fight for a better deal for the people of Thurrock. Unfortunately, we have a Tory administration whose priority appears to be shielding their disastrous government from embarrassment rather than protecting the welfare of Thurrock residents.”