Candidate Announcement: Steve Minett in Chadwell St Mary

Our Candidate For Chadwell St Mary, Steve Minett said: “It’s an honour to be chosen to represent Thurrock Independents in Chadwell St Mary, more so because it’s for a party that puts people before politics, a real tangible opportunity to make a difference for both the people and for an area I love.

“I look forward to getting to know many more of you, some will already know me from my work locally, others of you will know me on a more personal level. I was born and grew up in Chadwell St Mary, I lived in Chelmer House for many years, my parents and wider family are residents still.

“Chadwell is an area I hold close to my heart, one that is sadly often overlooked and neglected, running for Thurrock independents gives me a strong hand to pressure those local matters close to the your hearts, to push for a cleaner, safer community and one that is protected from overdevelopment.”