Thurrock Independents Condemn Tory Attack On Council Housing

The proposed changes to the housing allocations policy, being presented at tonight’s cabinet (16th Jan), are a shameless Tory attack on the rights of Thurrock residents to secure council housing. A Thurrock Independents run Thurrock Council would tear up much of this paper on day one.

Thurrock Independent Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “This paper represents further evidence of the contempt the Conservatives have for council housing. It should come as no surprise considering the local Tories receive tens of thousands of pounds in donations from property related firms.

“This paper is a savage attack on the very concept of council housing. If passed, thousands of residents across the borough will be denied the right to even apply. Rather than managing demand to make their statistics look better, it’s about time the Tories took action to increase the supply of council homes.

“In the recent Local Plan paper the Thurrock Independents forced the Tories into agreeing the need for 500 new council homes every year. Tonight’s Housing Allocations paper makes it clear that Tory commitments aren’t worth the paper that they are printed on.

“The Conservative Party hate the idea of council housing, they always have and always will. They serve the interests of the big businesses who bankroll them and not the interests of the electorate. Thurrock deserves so much better than the Conservative Party.”