Yet Another Commercial Fly-Tip In Aveley

A forty foot tri-axle trailer, laden with scrap metal, car wheels and various rubbish has been dumped in London Road in Aveley. Councillor Peter Smith have brought this to the attention of Thurrock Council’s Enforcement Department.

Thurrock Independents, Aveley & Uplands Cllr Peter Smith said: “I was alerted to yet another commercial fly-tip in Aveley and was mortified to witness the sheer disregard these culprits have for our borough.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve seen huge commercial fly-tips and I doubt it’ll be the last in the short term. This Tory Administration must up their game in tracking down these rouges and prosecute accordingly.

“We are seen as a soft touch in Thurrock and as the Tories continue their policy of cutting and reducing police numbers out and about we have been forced to deal with the consequences of a lawless society. Fly-tips on the rise, knife crime on the rise and burglaries on the rise. Residents are fed up with press releases and gimmicks from the Tory Administration and demand real action.”