Tories Caught Misleading Tilbury Residents

Thurrock Independents Chairman Allen Mayes calls for Conservative Cllr Watkins, Cabinet Member for Environment to stand down and for Thurrock Council to hold an immediate review of the magnetic dust in Tilbury, after the Tory Council admits misleading the public about “no direct risk to health”.

Thurrock Independent Chairman, Allen Mayes said: “The Thurrock Conservative Cabinet Member for the Environment assured residents at the Full Council meeting in November that the dust had been tested, and was not harmful to residents. This has been proven to be misleading. Residents deserve answers to this issue. Cllr Watkins is guilty of either intentionally misleading the public or incompetence.

“With the Council and other health authorities unable to give us any actual answers, we need a full review of the dust to take place immediately. We must ensure that local residents are not in any danger and the only way to do that is to do the tests as soon as possible!

“After the shambolic handling of this situation, I believe Cllr Watkins is out of his depth and he must stand down to help heal confidence in this Tory Administration. He has failed to take this matter seriously and has mislead the public on this vitally important issue. No resident of Tilbury will ever be able to trust his comments, especially when it comes to environmental matters.

“I am very disappointed that only the residents, Cllr John Allen and myself are standing together on this issue. People are asking whether the Council care about the health and well-being of the people of Tilbury? Thurrock Council must explain the error, apologise to the people of Tilbury and act decisively.”