Thurrock Independents Call For More Local Business Support From Thurrock Council

Figures from Inform Direct show that in 2018 1,963 new companies formed in Thurrock, the second most for any borough in Essex. Thurrock Independents have continued calls for Thurrock Council to do much more to support local businesses in the borough.

Thurrock Independents Deputy Leader, Cllr Jack Duffin said: “There numbers are very promising for Thurrock and show that Thurrock is a great place to start a businesses.

“We hope Thurrock Council will do more to support more local businesses in the borough. Councils across the country have done extensive work to breakdown big contracts into smaller ones so that more local businesses can bid for them and to generate more money for the local economy.

“Thurrock Independents are the only party in Thurrock that believes we should be putting Thurrock businesses first. The Conservatives love big business and property developers. Unfortunately their focus on big business means the money is being taken out of the community, rather than getting reinvested.

“Although we lose the extra money raised from business rates due to Government funding formulas it is great to see more businesses opening in Thurrock and the benefit that has for local residents in terms of jobs and money for the local economy.

“We would like to wish all businesses in Thurrock and especially the 1,963 new businesses registered in 2018 a very successful 2019.”

Essex Figures from Inform Direct: