Thurrock Tories Announce Plans For 8% Council Tax Rise By 2023

At Full Council on Wednesday (27th February) Thurrock Tories announced that they plan to increase General Fund Council Tax by 8% over the next five years. On top of this 8% there will also be additional rises from the Police Fire & Crime Commissioner for Essex. Thurrock Independents are the only party promising General Fund Council Tax cuts.

Thurrock Independents Deputy Leader, Cllr Jack Duffin said: “The devil is always in the detail when it comes to what the Tories are trying to hide. They raised Council Tax in Thurrock by over 10% in their first two years in charge and now plan to freeze it for one year due to Thurrock Independents pressure, before adding another 8%.

“The Tories were forced into an embarrassing u-turn on the evening after putting factually incorrect statements on official Council documents. Despite claiming a freeze on Thurrock Council tax, their sums didn’t add up as their Police Commissioner is billing Thurrock residents to cover the Tory Governments cuts to our police service. Thurrock residents are having money taken out of their pockets through the back door to pay for Tory Government cuts.

“Thurrock Independents are the only party committed to annual General Fund Council tax cuts, our policy is for five consecutive 2% General Fund Council Tax reductions so that more money remains in the pockets of local people and will be re-invested into the local community. We will then reassess this after than and look to continue the pattern of further General Fund Council Tax reductions.

“We will cut General Fund Council Tax by using an innovative investment approach to get the Council generating its own money rather than relying on local residents to fund their spending. These investments will be Thurrock-focused and create well paid jobs for Thurrock residents.

“Council’s around the country have introduced year on year Council tax cuts and come up with detailed investment strategies, this is easily achievable, unfortunately the two old tired parties into Thurrock have run out of ideas and innovation.”