Candidate Announcement: Oliver Smith in East Tilbury

Our Candidate For East Tilbury, Oliver Smith: “I’m delighted to be selected as the candidate for East Tilbury. With the Lower Thames Crossing being forced upon the area and 5,000 new homes proposed by the Conservatives, East Tilbury needs a strong voice to protect resident’s standard of living more than ever.

“I will work to restore resident’s well-being as the Council’s chief priority and tackle the selfish culture currently plaguing the local administration.”

Candidate Announcement: Jennifer Smith in Stifford Clays

Our Candidate For Stifford Clays, Jennifer Smith said: “I am pleased to be the candidate for Stifford Clays in Mays election. I am a hard working, married mum of three who has lived in the borough virtually all my life. I feel we need to tackle issues that are relevant to our community, including anti-social behaviour, community resources and NHS provision to make Thurrock the place it once was.”

Candidate Announcement: Gary Byrne in The Homesteads

Our Candidate For The Homesteads, Gary Byrne said: “I am standing in the Homesteads ward to offer residents an independent voice rather than divisive party politics. In the weeks leading up to May 2019 they will knock on your door and tell you exactly what you want to hear, they will offer the moon on a stick to get your vote. I promise just one thing to do everything possible for each and every resident to make our town a better place to live. They promise, my track record shows I deliver.”

Candidate Announcement: Allen Mayes in Tilbury Riverside & Thurrock Park

Our Candidate For Tilbury Riverside & Thurrock Park, Allen Mayes said: “I am honoured to be able to represent Thurrock Independents in Tilbury Riverside and Thurrock Park in the forthcoming local election. I have been fighting for Tilbury on big issues such as objecting to the asbestos stations, petitioning for an Air Quality and Pollution review and demanding action on crime and antisocial behaviour. I want to work with residents to make Tilbury and Thurrock Park a healthier and safer place.”

Candidate Announcement: Shane Ralph in Stanford East & Corringham Town

Our Candidate For Stanford East & Corringham Town, Shane Ralph said: “I’m delighted to be offered this fantastic opportunity to represent Stanford le Hope East and Corringham Town in May’s upcoming election. I was born and have lived in Stanford all my life and have been committed to improving community spirit, physical health and mental well being for many years. I have helped to regenerate Hardie Park into a fantastic community facility. I have fought for my area in regards to DP World fencing and zebra crossings on Southend Road. I am fully aware of the problems we face in the future and I’m determined to meet these head on.”

Candidate Announcement: Cllr Peter Smith in Aveley & Uplands

Our Candidate For Aveley, Kenningtons, Uplands & Watts Wood, Cllr Peter Smith said: “I’m delighted to be offered the opportunity to stand once again in Aveley and Uplands in the May 2019 local elections. I’ve fought on many issues over the past four years including HGV abuse, Anti Social Behaviour, fly-tipping, Housing repairs etc. I will continue to work hard to make Aveley and Uplands a cleaner and safer place to live.”

Thurrock Independents Highlight Further Tory ‘Social Cleansing’ Of Families Seeking Housing Assistance In Thurrock

The Thurrock Independents have exposed further evidence of the Tory administration attempting to force more low paid homeless families out of the borough. Social cleansing is now the primary policy of the homeless department within Thurrock’s Tory run Council.

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “In the last two weeks I have come across two incidents of Thurrock Council attempting force hard working families, who have become victims of Thurrock’s housing crisis, into temporary accommodation in Slough. One of the families was also pressured into accepting temporary accommodation in Bedford and Kettering.

“The tactics in both cases are the same. Both families were offered entirely unsuitable accommodation which would have forced them to give up work and remove their children from school. Threats were then made that the council would remove any assistance if these offers weren’t accepted. Thankfully, we have discovered these tactics at an early stage and have applied significant pressure with the aim ending this entirely unethical practice immediately.

“Thurrock needs an administration which is willing to shine a light on the full scale of the housing crisis we are experiencing in Thurrock and hold the government to account for eight years of woefully ineffective housing policy. An administration which will fight for a better deal for the people of Thurrock. Unfortunately, we have a Tory administration whose priority appears to be shielding their disastrous government from embarrassment rather than protecting the welfare of Thurrock residents.”

Thurrock Independents Challenge Tories To Rule Out Further General Fund Council Tax Rises In 2019

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “It would be churlish and mean spirited of me not to congratulate Cllr Hebb on last night’s award. I am sure that he will dedicate it to the hard working tax payers of Thurrock who have paid his 10% council tax rise and allowed him to balance the books.

“However enough is enough. The Thurrock Independents will make sure that Thurrock taxpayers will not be milked by the Tories again in 2019.

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