Council Sanctions Councillor For Exposing Service Failures

Thurrock Independents have expressed their outrage at the Thurrock Council’s decision to trawl through the emails of Councillors in an apparent attempt to prevent service failures from being exposed.

A Thurrock Independents Spokesman said: “The public should be very concerned that Thurrock Council have searched through the emails of Councillors, in a seeming attempt to prevent failed services being exposed.

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Thurrock Independents Will Vote Down The Local Plan Unless Tories Attempt To Reduce 32,000 Target

Thurrock Independents have no option but to vote against all future decisions on the Local Plan until Cllr Coxshall attempts to deliver on the premise of his 2017 statement that Thurrock can build less homes than the 32,000 that the Conservative Administration is trying to force though. During the 25th October 2017 Full Council, Thurrock Independents Deputy Leader, Cllr Jack Duffin asked the Conservative Cabinet Member for Regeneration if the Council had done any work regarding reducing the number of homes in the Local Plan, the Tories confirmed at this meeting that they are planning to put more homes in Thurrock than the Government has requested.

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Thurrock Independents Issue Orsett Hospital Challenge To Labour

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said; “I personally guarantee that the Thurrock Independents are unwavering in our commitment to save Orsett Hospital from closure, until a new hospital for Thurrock is built. This has been our party’s policy since we first formed in January 2018.

“Since the elections in May, Labour have had the chance to try to run Thurrock Council and have chosen not to do so. Running Thurrock Council would have given them the opportunity to fight the closure of Orsett Hospital.

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Thurrock Independents Continue Calls For Sprinklers Action In Thurrock Flats

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “Like everybody who saw the news of this fire break it was hard not to fear the worst after Grenfell. Whilst it is a great relief to see that no one was hurt, we must now learn from what happened, and make sure that those affected are adequately housed immediately. This incident should be at the top of the agenda for tonight’s Full Council and the next Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

“During the July 2017 Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee, I questioned the Thurrock Council on whether they were considering fitting sprinkler systems to all tower blocks in Thurrock. ‘The Assistant Director of Housing explained they had not received any details at present however such funds would be ring fenced.’

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Thurrock Independents Welcome Tories U-Turn on Illegal Traveller Incursions

This week Thurrock Council has attempted to get new powers to deal with Traveller incursions in Thurrock despite the Conservative Administration trying to stop them two years ago. In September 2016 Cllr Tim Aker put forward a motion and a vote was taken on ‘Thurrock Council calls on the Government to make unauthorised traveller pitches a criminal offence’, Tory Councillors refused to support this motion. Cllr Gledhill said ‘that powers were in place’. Cllr Piccolo said, there ‘was not a national appetite for revised legislation’. Council Leader, Rob Gledhill has shown he is soft on the issue of traveller incursions, telling the Thurrock Gazette in 2016, ‘I don’t think criminalising someone’s way of life is the best way to go about it.’

Thurrock Independents Party Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said: “It is great to see the Conservative Administration finally come around to common sense and attempt to get new powers to deal with the ever increasing problem with illegal traveller incursion in Thurrock. While this is a positive step, the Government needs to take action to give the police and Councils powers to act.”

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Tim Aker Writes To Liam Fox To Encourage Worldwide Trade Into Thurrock Post Brexit – Nothing To Fear From A No Deal

Thurrock Independents Cllr and EFDD MEP, Tim Aker has written to Dr Liam Fox MP the Secretary of State for International Trade to encourage him to maximise the use of London Gateway super-port post Brexit and grasp the opportunity it presents.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “Brexit creates a fantastic opportunity for the UK to fully engage again with the entire world and build our own trade agreements with whoever we want rather than having to follow the wishes of the European Union. We have the capacity to do it. We just need the will to do it.

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Chris Baker Receivers 50 Years FA Award

Chris Baker was presented with the an award on Wednesday 6th of June at the Thurrock Association Sunday Leagues AGM at Tilbury Town Football Club to recognise his 50 years of service to football. The former Thurrock Independents Councillor has also received a letter from Greg Clarke to congratulate him on his work. Alec Berry presented him with the award on behalf of the FA.

Chris Baker said: “I am incredibly grateful to receive such a fantastic award and be recognised for the work I have been doing. I must say it doesn’t feel like it has been 50 years, I still think I could put the boots on and give some of the lads in the Premier League a run for their money.

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Thurrock Independents Call For Greater Action On Thames Crossing Fight

At tonight’s meeting in Thurrock Council the Chairman of the Lower Thames Crossing Task Force, Cllr Peter Smith called upon Cabinet to support the Task Force Further.

Cllr Peter Smith said: “It is the ambition of the Lower Thames Crossing Task Force to reach out to The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Minister for Transport Chris Grayling, both members of Parliament for Thurrock, thus taking the voices of Thurrock residents to those in a position to influence the decision.

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Thurrock Independents Call On Council To Rethink Press Strategy & Embrace Constructive Criticism

When the Council released its Media Strategy in 2017 one section was of particular concern to those who value the freedom of the press, and the important role journalists play in the scrutiny of local government.

‘Should a media outlet, or one of its journalists, fail to adhere to the regulator’s code and in particular reflect the council’s position accurately ensuring a ‘right to reply’, the Council will not engage and recognise that organisation and/or journalist as ‘media’ for a period of time determined by the Council.’

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Thurrock Independents leader praises the quality of NHS staff and demands political leaders condemn plans to close Orsett Hospital

Thurrock Independents Leader, Cllr Luke Spillman said “I recently attended Basildon Hospital Day Surgery Unit to have minor surgery on my hand. Basildon Hospital has experienced many problems and I have entered complaints on behalf of many residents over the years. However, my experience during the day I spent at Basildon Hospital couldn’t have been any better. From reception, to the nurses, anaesthetist and surgeons, the level of patient care was more than exceptional, it was perfect. I’d like to commend the department and all the staff for the high standards that I witnessed during the day I spent there. I’ve spent a career challenging poor standards of customer services but think it is important to pass on positive feedback when I can.

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